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Author: Brandon Keao

Product Management: Origin Stories

For many outsiders, Product Managers are superheroes. They take on many different responsibilities across a range of disciplines and are ultimately responsible for the success of their products. Like superheroes, Product Managers have different...

What makes a Product Manager?

Great Product Managers come from all walks of professional life. Go ahead and talk to a few; their backgrounds are rarely the same: sales, marketing, engineering, software development, design, writing, teaching, fashion, etc, etc. The...

One Word for 2017

Anyone with a gym membership probably notices the inevitable influx of resolutioners in January. Classes get swamped and towels are in short supply but by February things are usually back to normal. Approximately 9% of...

3 Principles of Technology Vendor Management

Whether you're trying to find the right contractors to augment your existing technology team or hire a vendor to handle the bulk of your company's development work, choosing the right technology partner can be incredibly...

Bitcoin: The Internet of Money

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve explored the world of bitcoin. Like most people, I thought I sort of understood what bitcoin was: some sort of digital currency. That was where my understanding...