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Leaving Startup Institute – The Big Picture

Leaving Startup Institute – The Big Picture

I joined Startup Institute Chicago’s Summer 2015 cohort after 8 years working with banks and exchanges as a consultant in electronic trading. Last Friday marked the last day of my 8 week adventure in the startup world. I’ve since spent numerous hours pondering the whole experience. Did it go by in a flash? Was it really as grueling and demanding as we all thought it felt like at the time? Probably a little of both.

In the Sales and Account Management track, we acquired tons of sales knowledge and experience. I had the opportunity to write for Startup Institute blog, The Whiteboard, where I talked about my Top 3 Insights on Startup Sales. But, my biggest lesson was this: I didn’t realize how much sales I actually was doing in my old job. Here’s how I put it in my post for The Whiteboard:

“I spent eight years doing technology and management consulting in the electronic trading sector in capital markets and it involved a lot of relationships, data-driven analysis, problem solving, and challenging clients on their current ways of thinking. All I was really missing was the pure sales end-to-end view. Now, thanks to the Startup Institute, I have that.”

Over the past 8 weeks I’ve gained a bunch of close friends and a ton of new skills but the biggest thing I got was a new framework, one that I can now operate in as a confident sales professional by taking all the threads from my old career and weaving them into a coherent pattern for my new one. I don’t know what the new tapestry of my life will look like quite yet, but that’s OK. Let the next adventure begin. 

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